The WHY is the purpose, cause, or belief that drives every one of us.

You created your business because of a passion, or maybe it’s your background from years of employment. Whatever the reason, your business was created because it is about you.

That is why is so important that you create YOUR WHY video.

There are two reasons why a WHY video is effective. The first is the emotional side of who you are which, I will explain in this blog.  The second reason is the scientific side of how it helps you rank better on google. That you can find in my next blog.

We all know that people make decisions based on emotion. You buy a dress because it makes you feel and look amazing. You buy a vehicle because you like the way it handles or you know it will impress people. Whatever your reasons, most of your decisions to buy something whether it’s a service or a product you purchase it because there is an emotional attachment to it.

So a Why video helps your potential client or customer make better decisions about you and what you have to offer. Put yourself for a moment, in their shoes. If you were looking for someone that offered what you offer, what would you want them to have? Do they have a similar personality? Do they have anything in common with you? IE: love cats, dogs, horses or what about their demographics do they align with yours?

Now step back and think about why you are doing this business. If you say for the money then you got this already figured out. No, honestly why do you do what you do?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • Is your business based on your passion?
  • What do you love doing on a day off?
  • What inspires you?
  • Does your business solve someone’s problem?
  • What is your WHY? This is probably the hardest question to answer so dig deep.

You can get as personal as you want there is no right or wrong. But when you answer think like a customer or client.

Now think about each of these questions and jot down some ideas or notes that answer them. This is the framework for your why video.

Once you have an outline you are ready to think about the storyboard for this video. Will it include photos of you as a child, a cute cat picture, and your adventures in Europe, etc. Only you can decide on what you want to put into this video. Will it be a caricature or just words and music?

Just remember, the reason to create this why video is because your business provides someone with the answer to their problem.

Just like this blog, I am writing it because you have a problem and I am helping you solve that problem.

Why videos make you an expert in your field. They are raw, passionate and unscripted. They reveal who you are and why you do what you do.

A lot of times, people will look at a business and wonder how one gets into that line of work. For example, why do videography instead of photography or the other way around?

My why would explain that I choose videos (moving pictures) over still pictures because I love action shots?  I love the look of something moving? Photos have their place, but sometimes a video can say more than a photo. For example, a wedding video brings people to life. They show raw emotions and can be more powerful than a photo, especially if the person has passed. The video captures their voice and movements, helping the viewer hold onto that memory.

So what’s holding you back? Are you ready to make your why video?

RaDeana Montgomery has over 25 years of experience as a journalist, public relations practitioner, and communications strategist. Her passion is to help other entrepreneurs find their WHY but most importantly, created engaging and interesting content.