Video Production

Video Production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video using action, graphics and moving video. It is essential for businesses to use   video in their Marketing campaigns because of their proven success in creating awareness of their product or service to consumers. 

We help clients captivate their audiences. We work closely with our clients to communicate their stories in a powerful, effective video. We listen, collaborate and develop engaging story boards that you can self direct, or we produce for you. 

From live action, to social media videos, we create stand alone content that helps you connect to your clients, build your reputation and your brand. We have worked in the field as well as have vast interviewing skills. Our work ethic is calm and organized, which allows you to sound like yourself and deliver authentic, on-topic interviews, our job is to bring out the best in everyone.  

  • Scripting (storyboarding)

  • Video Coaching

  • Video Shooting

  • Video Editing

  • Producer

  • Photography

*Broadcast Journalism diploma, with experience working at a National News agency as a producer as well experience as an independent video producer

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