​There are three reasons why people don’t do videos for their business.

  1. ​They are afraid or nervous of the camera.
  2. ​The price.
  3. ​They don’t know how to tell their story.

​Rest assured, anyone can produce a video.  Best of all they are cost effective. If you can talk to someone on the phone, or network with people at an event you can make a video.

Pre-planning, a good strategy, and professional content will make you stand out from your competitors.


​Step 1 Breathe

​Step 2 Think about your message, what do you want to tell your potential clients?

​Step 3 Plan but don’t over script. Make points but keep it short and easy to understand.

​Step 4 Give me a call

Step 5 Turn on the camera, smile and tell your story.

​Sound simple? Want to learn more?

​Join us on Wednesday April 20th, for my session on “Value of Video for your Business” presented by Dufferin Women in Business. This is a Co-ed event, and will help you build, connect and grow your business.