Restaurateurs show their witty side in hilarious TikTok videos.

Michelle and Rick Arsenault just want to make you smile. Whether it’s with a gourmet meal or a funny TikTok video, the Orangeville restaurateurs have found new ways to reinvent themselves during the pandemic. Though some businesses stray away from the idea, this couple is not afraid to have fun and be themselves in the workplace. You might find that being a restaurateur and making TikTok videos have more in common than you’d think.

The owners of the Bluebird Café and Grill have been in the restaurant industry their entire lives. Rick started out as a french fry cutter at Harvey’s and Michelle initially worked in the industry to pay for school. Despite their different introductions into the business of restaurants, both realized that this is where they wanted and were meant to be. “I keep telling people I haven’t worked a day in my life. This is who I am, I’m a restaurant guy!” Rick states, “I like to have fun and you know, entertain people and get to know people that come to the restaurant. Figure out why they’re coming to the restaurant and see how we can make their day a lot better.”

The couple bought the Bluebird two years ago. As brand new business owners, when the pandemic hit, it was a scary time. However, they were able to look on the positive side of things, covid gave them a moment to pause and allowed them to actually create something better going forward. Rick and Michelle made a commitment to themselves and their team that they would take Bluebird and make it stronger coming out of this situation than going into it. And they are able to continuously share their positivity with the community.

One of the ways they recently started doing this is through TikTok videos that are sure to make you crack a smile. Though, originally these videos were made in hopes of reaching the new online demographic, it has  evolved into wanting to make people laugh and to spread much-needed positivity across social media.

Most people probably wouldn’t think running a restaurant and making TikTok videos are related in any way but as Michelle and Rick put it, they’re in this industry for a reason, and sometimes it’s helping people forget about their problems. And like the delicious food and community of a restaurant, these videos can serve the exact same purpose, especially during the pandemic. People are drawn into the humour and personality they showcase, even just a short video like this can make someone’s day. The Bluebird team truly prides itself in sharing happiness in whatever they can do.

Watch their interview here:

Video interview by RaDeana Montgomery

Blog written by Sara Giroux