Wedding VideographyThe life of a videographer is tough! Not only physical, it’s tough being a videographer because we have to explain and show our value when compared to our fellow friends the photographer.

Don’t get me wrong, photography is important. However, most people fail to understand just how equally important videography is.

I hope this article will help convince you of the importance of capturing your memories in a video. There is an old saying that a photo is worth a thousand words. If that is true how much do you think a video is worth? According to YouTube, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.  So how many words would that be for a 2-3 minute video? Pretty powerful statistic!

So here is why your videos of your special events are just as important as your photos. You are getting married, the church is booked, the dress is bought, the caterer is chosen, and you now need the photographer. Why? Because you want to capture some beautiful moments from your special day to hang on the wall, you want to capture Grandpa Joe, and Aunt Helen so you have those moments to look back on if they pass away.

But, here is something to think about. My personal story. I have been married for 31 years now. On our 30th anniversary, we did a recap of our wedding video. I cried! Why?  Since that time, I have lost both my parents, my favourite Aunt and uncle, and my husband’s grandparents, his cousin and two uncles, not to mention a few friends. Some kind person videotaped my wedding as a gift for me, and it is probably my most cherished possession of my wedding. Why, you may ask? In that video, Grandpa Bruce stands up and gives a very funny story about my husband, my father stands up to welcome my husband to the family, my parents are dancing (something they rarely did) I have a smiling face of my uncle and many more happy memories. Yes, memories. I can relive that day and hear their voices, something a picture won’t ever give me.

If that isn’t convincing enough. How about this?

You are getting married, you are nervous, excited and happy. Do you remember what the minister/priest/officiant said to you during the ceremony? Of course not, you are in the moment.

The photos capture your smile, your tears and your first kiss. But, does that picture hear your vows, your commitment, the crowd cheering or even the comments that you make back and forth to each other? 

Like I mentioned above I am not here to tell you not to have photos, I am here to help show you the value of that video.

Okay, I get it you have a budget, but what about splitting that budget in half, and capturing some photos, and capturing the important memories with a video?

There is no argument that a video evokes special memories. They bring the past to life, allowing you to live the moment again, to listen to the words of those you love, and especially to feel close to those who are no longer here.

Think about why you love watching movies.

In closing, video is equally important and should not be overlooked when it comes to your special memories.

Photos capture the moment, but a video captures a memory.